Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Cruise RP-1

The Cruise RP-1 is an aftermarket highway autopilot available for your car. It installs into any 2012 or newer Audi A4 or S4 and can help drive your car on major highways in California.

Where can I use the RP-1?

The RP-1 currently only works on highways in California, but we plan to rapidly expand our service area.

Where can I buy the RP-1?

We are no longer accepting reservations for the first 50 Cruise RP-1's to be shipped in 2015. Join our waitlist to keep updated here .

How much does it cost?

The RP-1 will cost $10k. If you wish to join the Cruise Founders Club, you can prepay today (limited to 50). Otherwise, you can reserve your RP-1 with a $1k deposit and add your name to the list for our batch in 2015.

Why isn't this more expensive?

The RP-1 uses low-cost sensors and components that are already in use on many newer vehicles. We were able to reduce the price to be close to the cost of a technology or premium package on a new car.

What is the Cruise Founders Club?

The first 50 reservations of the Cruise RP-1 will also join our Cruise Founders Club, a special club for those who are driving technology enthusiasts. Not only will members of our Founders Club get the first RP-1's available, but they will also get limited edition versions of the RP-1, special swag and other benefits.

How does it work?

The RP-1 uses a combination of sensors, radar, and cameras to drive safely down the highway. Using advance computer vision and obstacle detection, the RP-1 keeps you in your lane and a safe distance from vehicles in front of you.

Is this legal?

Yes. While many states are still drafting regulations for driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles, we will be in compliance with any necessary regulations by the time the RP-1 ships.

Can I text while the RP-1 drives?

No. You still have to be paying attention to the road and still need to be in the drivers seat. All state and federal driving laws still apply while the RP-1 is in operation.

Will it need to be serviced?

From time to time, we may need to update the hardware on your RP-1. We will schedule these appointments based on your convenience. If there is ever a serious problem with the RP-1, it can be disabled remotely and you will be alerted that it cannot be used at the time.


Why should I trust your product?

We recognize that we have to earn your trust, and we intend to do that. While we conduct our own safety testing, closed course track testing, and endurance testing, we know that even that may not be enough. So we're working with independent, 3rd party companies to conduct failure mode analysis and other forms of testing to ensure your safety.

What if it can’t detect the lanes?

If the RP-1 is ever in doubt about what it is seeing, it will alert you immediately (both with audio and visual alerts), and ask you to take control of the car.

What happens if a car cuts me off?

The RP-1 uses several sensors to monitor the cars around you. If there is ever any chance of a collison, the RP-1 will make the necessary speed adjustments to maintain a safe following distance from the car in front of you - including a car that has just cut you off.

What safety precautions does Cruise take to make sure it is safe?

If the RP-1 is ever in doubt about what it is seeing, it will alert you immediately (both with audio and visual cues), and ask you to take control of the car.

What happens if your system fails?

The RP-1 is undergoing extensive testing, but it also has several built-in redundant systems. If there is a problem, it will simply let you know to take over and alert you that it may need servicing before its next use. The RP-1 also will not turn on unless all systems have passed startup tests.

How does the RP-1 detect erratic drivers?

It uses both radar and cameras to make sure that other drivers are not on a collison course for your car. The radar allows us to determine the velocity and direction of any car around you to ensure there is enough distance for your car to come to a complete stop if there is ever a problem.

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