Let’s go driverless

San Francisco, ready for a ride like no other?

Poppy, Tostada, and the rest of the Cruise fleet are ready to roll. Be one of the first to experience the magic of a driverless ride.

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Poppy & The City

Get to know Poppy, one of our favorite self-driving vehicles. From her very first drive to delivering thousands of meals during the pandemic, Poppy’s journey is a love letter to San Francisco, one neighborhood at a time.

  • Cruise's first-generation AV named Poppy.

    The Cruise First-Generation AV

    Custom built on the foundation of the Chevy Bolt, our first-gen vehicles have logged millions of city miles to make self-driving a reality.

Self-driving ride service

It’s right around the corner. Our all-electric, self-driving fleet will offer more freedom, more time, and more peace of mind.

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Self-driving delivery

Self-driving delivery

We've teamed up with Walmart to begin all-electric, self-driving grocery delivery. Get the goods you need quickly, safely, and sustainably.

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