Hardware Engineering

Hardware teams

Cruise engineers

Cruise hardware engineers build custom hardware platforms that fuel Cruise’s software development. Building on GM’s hundreds of years of safety and validation experience, we’re creating and scaling an efficient and reliable autonomous vehicle (AV) fleet.

Fully integrated hardware

Our teams design, test, and integrate various sensors and hardware components into Cruise vehicles, planning for different hardware capabilities up to years in the future.

Cruise Car Top Down View X-Ray
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Flexible hardware platforms

Engineers across various disciplines work together to design and validate infrastructure, equipment, and processes to calibrate and support our all-electric vehicles.

Our work

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AV Hardware

The Hardware R&D team looks at hardware opportunities for future iterations of Cruise’s fully-electric autonomous vehicles. We plan for different hardware capabilities up to y…

AV Hardware Systems

The AV Hardware Systems team designs, develops, and optimizes the hardware and architectures (such as sensors, compute, and subsystems) that affect the autonomous software sta…

R&D Fleet

The R&D Fleet team increases Cruise’s rate of development by providing a platform for engineers to test and validate hardware and software changes. By conducting engineering t…

AV Development

The AV Development team works to build an efficient, reliable, and safe vehicle platform for our autonomous vehicle service. We manage reliability, scalability, and availabili…

Our experience

Together, we’re solving one hard problem

Our team is composed of engineers with a wide range of skills and experiences. Over 50% of our Engineering department has a Master’s or PhD.

Cruise Alumni

UC Berkeley






Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

University of Michigan

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Our Skills

  • Main Languages
    • Python
    • C and C++
    • matlabOS

  • Bonus Points
    • Bash
    • ROS
    • LabVIEW
    • GitHub
    • Tensorflow
    • CUDA

  • Disciplines
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Design Engineering
    • Quality Engineering
    • Computer Engineering

  • Bonus Skills
    • AV sensor knowledge
    • Computer-aided design
    • Sensor calibration
    • Machine learning