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Cruise engineers

Cruise software engineers develop the field of self-driving car technology. Our teams work on solutions to problems that have never been solved before.

Write pioneering code

For those of you writing the code that runs on the car itself, you'll be challenged to develop state-of-the-art algorithms or write highly optimized code that can run at low latencies so our cars can react faster than humans.

Build bespoke tools

For those of you who are interested in infrastructure and developer tools, we support many petabytes of storage and build tools to accelerate the autonomous vehicle development process.

Our work

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Perception & Computer Vision

Perception is the overarching team that takes raw sensor input and uses it to determine what is happening around the car. We deal with a variety of sensors, including LiDAR, r…

Planning & Controls

The Planning & Controls team handles decision-making in urban environments, including collision avoidance, intelligent routing, unprotected turns, four-way-stops, lane changes…

Remote Assistance

The Remote Assistance team is like Mission Control for a space launch. We build the tools that allow remote operators to help Cruise self-driving vehicles when they need assis…


The Simulation team is responsible for building the tools we need to test and validate the performance and behavior of our autonomous vehicles. This includes tools that valida…


The Frameworks team builds performance-critical frameworks, reusable libraries, and components in modern C++ that are foundational to the entire engineering organization at Cr…

Embedded Systems

The Embedded Systems team is the group that writes the first layer of software on the device. We are essentially the central nervous system of the AV stack, which mediates bet…

Ground Truth

Ground Truth generates rich, semantic datasets from the raw test drives on our vehicle. This knowledge is used to create machine learning algorithms on our autonomous vehicles…

Localization & Mapping

Mapping provides navigational knowledge and detailed urban maps to allow our self-driving cars to reason and maneuver safely while driving autonomously. We build complex web t…

Our experience

Together, we’re solving one hard problem

Our team is composed of engineers with a wide range of skills and experiences. Over 50% of our Engineering department has a Master’s or PhD.

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Cornell University

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Technology Stack

  • Coding
    • Golang (Infrastructure)
    • Python
    • C and C++ (AV Engineering)
    • Javascript (React/Redux/ES6)
    • Node.js (Product Engineering)
  • Platform/DevOps
    • Kubernetes
    • Docker
    • Terraform
    • Bazel
    • CircleCI
    • Ansible
    • Spinnaker
    • Helm
  • Cloud Infrastructure
    • AWS / GCP
    • EC2—Cloud Hosting
    • S3—Cloud Storage
  • Monitoring/Logging
    • Sumologic
    • New Relic
    • Datadog
  • Databases
    • Redis
    • PostgreSQL
  • Data
    • Kafka
    • Hadoop
    • Apache Spark