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Inclusive innovation

Accessibility at Cruise


Accessible. Autonomous. Already here.

Every self-driving Cruise is designed to help you travel on your terms. With a growing list of accessibility features, Cruise is working hard to address today’s transportation barriers and move toward a future without them.

Transportation is a human right

Accessibility Videos

  • Extended Audio Descriptions

  • American sign language

Community partners

Your ride, your say

The creation of a more accessible transportation system should be led by those who are most impacted. From idea to reality, we’re working closely with the disability community to inform our product development and help us bring our collective vision to life.

Meet the Accessibility Council

Meet the Accessibility Council

A cross-disability group of external leaders and advocates, the Cruise Accessibility Council ensures our accessibility roadmap serves the greatest needs. We prioritize their trusted feedback, especially in the development of the Cruise WAV.

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Help make history

Help make history

Join our community of riders with disabilities to get notified of paid research opportunities (both in-person and virtual) that will inform our product development. Sign up here to share your experiences, test our latest technology, and help build the future of transportation.

Cruise WAV - Wheelchair accessible vehicle

first of it's kind

Cruise wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV)

First of its kind. Accessible by design. The Cruise wheelchair accessible version is being designed with accessibility at the forefront — not as an afterthought. Created with the disability community, the WAV will begin to change the way the world rides.

Accessibility - WAV features (1)

  • Entry & Exit

  • Securement

  • Interactivity