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Cruise for Good

Our mission

Serving communities through partnership

Cruise for Good, our signature social impact program, leverages our all-electric vehicles to positively impact our local communities and partners with nonprofits to foster an equitable and sustainable transportation future for all. Learn more here.

Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% commitment

Cruise is dedicating at least 1% of our fleet to serving urgent community needs everywhere we operate. Read more about the announcement here.

See our impact in action

Hear how Cruise is helping our nonprofit partners achieve their mission.

Our programs

Delivering meals to help fight food insecurity

Cruise powers local food rescue and meal delivery efforts. In partnership with, Cruise vehicles pick up surplus food from businesses and deliver it to nonprofits serving people living with food insecurity. Cruise also delivers fresh groceries to individuals facing mobility challenges in partnership with San Francisco-Marin Food Bank.

Access to transporta

Free rides to improve access to opportunity

Access to transportation is not equal and not reliable for millions of people. Cruise is committed to lessening transportation barriers. In partnership with small-business focused nonprofit, SF New Deal, Cruise provides free rides to late-shift service workers in an effort to increase equitable access to economic mobility. Learn more here.

Building with our communities

Advisory Board

The Cruise for Good Advisory Board is a coalition of community leaders that Cruise works with regularly to advance an equitable transportation ecosystem.

Impact news from Cruise

Impact news from Cruise