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December 2022 Software Release

The latest software release has rolled out to the driverless fleet: 

  • Shipped TSEL V7 (planning model) that improved discomfort braking by 15%, driving more smoothly around bicyclists and when changing lanes.

  • Improved behavior around bicyclists through more precise prediction of their behavior and finer temporal precision of object locations.

  • Improved behavior around rear approaching vehicles and bicyclists by preserving their lateral space.

  • Improved behavior around trams through >20% improvement in kinematic representation accuracy of these multi-car trains and articulated vehicles as well as improved yield behavior.

  • 2% - 4% faster overall reaction time by streamlining the interface between our perception and prediction systems.

  • Reduced trip interruptions by improving software stability by >3x, making remote advisor capabilities more robust at the boundary of our service area, enabling tighter turns in narrow gaps, and by improving system diagnostics.

  • Improved recoverability from trip interruptions by greatly expanding advisor capabilities.

  • Shipped STA-V (prediction model) that improves behavior on curved roads by improving prediction accuracy by 7% on curved roads and by 17% for high-speed cross-traffic, coupled with maneuver planning changes that result in smoother driving when turning, changing lanes and on curved roads.

  • Shipped STA-Peds V12 (prediction model) that improves behavior around pedestrians near parked cars and those who appear at the last moment, improving prediction accuracy by 4% - 12% in applicable scenarios.

  • Improved response to people falling or laying on the ground with corresponding prediction improvements.

  • Shipped PD-v24 (updated object detection model) resulting in 83% less discomfort braking when roads are wet.

  • Shipped channelization detection and response with improved nuanced planning and routing reasoning in scenes with multiple construction cone lines.

  • Preparing for launch in Austin and Phoenix with improved routing (16% shorter trip times, 74% more accurate ETAs), improved pullover location selection, and expanded abilities with higher-speed roads.

  • Various UX/UI improvements including audio messages, in-car display and app - like an improved, more natural sounding voice in the car and radio for different cities.