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06.05.2023 | Software release

Our latest software release is focused on safety, reliability, and comfort. See the updates in action and watch a Cruise deftly maneuvering lane changes on a bustling street.

The latest software release has rolled out to the driverless fleet, containing improvements in these areas:

  • Shipped STA v25 that improves prediction of cut-ins by other vehicles by another 73%.

  • Shipped TSEL v16 with up to 70% improvements in AVs ability to quickly accelerate, reach, and maintain legal speed limits, especially on higher speed roads. 

  • Shipped MIR v2 that increases assertiveness and confidence while changing lanes by 16%, and increases comfort during lane changes by 10%.

  • Shipped AV Seeds v5 that simplifies vehicle trajectory generation resulting in overall smoother trajectories, especially around sharp turns.

  • Improved the vehicle’s ability to accelerate faster on higher speed roads from a stop improving overall safety and comfort as the AV merges into high speed traffic quickly.

  • Released a new ML-based model for recognizing the boundaries of construction zones which improves detection by 83%.

  • Shipped DLA v5 and KSE v15, which improve speed estimation of high-speed vehicles by up to 90%.

  • Shipped RadarRPN v1, which improves detection of long distance & high-speed objects ahead of the AV by +17%.

  • Shipped Rigel v1.6, which improves tracking of long distance & high-speed objects in the AV's lateral field of view by ~7%; for better turns onto busy high-speed roads. 

  • Improved sensor calibration diagnostics by 60% resulting in fewer trip interruptions. 

  • Improved reliability of Remote Operators tools when assisting the vehicle reducing the resolution times. Also improved our ability for RA to assist at high speeds. 

  • Shipped TREX v4, which improves passenger pick up and drop offs and smoother AV turns resulting in better rider comfort.

  • As part of LPC v8, improved how the AV considers nearby obstacles, resulting in smoother acceleration and braking at low speeds.

  • Enabled right turns onto high-speed roads, significantly improving trip times in suburban areas. 

  • Enabled right turns from yield signs unlocking additional additional routes and faster travel times. 

  • Released Android App to allow android users access to the service. 

Statistics measuring the percentage of improvement are based on internal benchmarks and metrics.