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Cruise - 2022 Impact Report

At Cruise, our mission is to safely connect people to the places, things, and experiences that they care about. 

2022 was a momentous year in driving this mission forward. We launched fully driverless commercial ridehail operations in San Francisco, expanded to Phoenix and Austin, and grew our delivery partnership with Walmart, all while driving impact in every market we operate, across four key areas: providing a more trusted mobility solution, offering cleaner, more sustainable travel, redefining accessible design, and connecting with the communities we serve. 

That is why I am so excited to share the Cruise 2022 Impact Report –– benchmarking the measurable progress that we have made on these objectives in the last year, and outlining our vision for better, cleaner, and more inclusive transportation. 

With the development of a new technology like autonomous mobility comes the opportunity to provide the public with greater transparency. As the first of its kind for the autonomous vehicle industry, this report intends to do just that -  offer the public transparent new statistics on our operations and efforts across four critical pillars of mobility, charting a path for future reports as we continue to scale in 2023 and beyond. Our intention is for this report to set a new bar for how we understand and measure Cruise and other companies’ positive impact on transportation today, even at this early stage in commercial deployment. 

A More Trusted Future for Mobility

In 2022, we made tremendous impact in providing the public with a service they can trust and rely on. With 2022 marking the earliest days of our commercial deployment, our driverless fleet carried nearly 26,000 passengers across almost every inch of San Francisco –– traveling, commuting, and exploring –– and covered some impressive ground along the way:

  • 846,000+ driverless miles across San Francisco, Austin, and Phoenix

  • 10,000+ 5 star rides

  • 4,500+ hours given back to riders

  • 1.87 average trip occupancy

In 2022, Cruise riders also reported feelings of trust and safety in our service: even after only one ride, 94% of riders report trust in Cruise while 89% say the Cruise AV is a good driver. 

Our report further details how Cruise’s commitment to build public trust and confidence can be seen across almost every aspect of our driverless operations in 2022 –– a commitment we will maintain to our customers, regulators, and the public as we expand commercially in 2023. 

Cleaner, More Sustainable Miles

Cruise has always been committed to providing the public with greater access to sustainable transportation. As the only major AV company to operate a fully-electric fleet today, Cruise is continuing to innovate and challenge the industry to follow our lead through programs like our Farm to Fleet initiative, which powers our California fleet with renewable solar from Central Valley farms. 

Even at an early commercial scale, our all-electric, renewable-powered fleet had an impressive impact on our sustainability goals in 2022:    

  • 2.7M+ Electric Miles Driven across 3 Markets

  • 3.1 Gigawatt Hours of Renewable Solar Power Used

  • 1,116.1 Metric Tons of Tailpipe Carbon Emissions Avoided from Using Electric Vehicles

  • 785.6 Metric Tons of Upstream Carbon Emissions Avoided from Farm to Fleet

As the Cruise fleet scales in San Francisco, Phoenix, Austin, and other markets, so will our impact on total share of electric miles, renewable electricity procured, and associated avoided carbon emissions. 

Inclusive, Accessible Design

Cruise recognizes that in order to achieve inclusive mobility, we must design our products with all riders in mind. We are proud to share our accomplishments in driving this impact forward last year: 

  • 100+ Dialogues with Accessibility Groups and Advocates 

  • 12 New Accessibility Features Developed

  • 5 User Experience Accessibility Focused Studies Completed

Cruise is committed to providing our riders with an accessible app and in-ride experience, and has made tremendous progress in 2022 developing new features, iterating on new vehicle design such as the wheelchair-accessible Origin Mobility, and creating real dialogue with a range of accessibility advocates and community members that will drive meaningful impact as we expand commercialization in 2023.

Connected Communities 

Fundamental to our vision for a safer, cleaner, and more inclusive transportation future is connecting with and serving our communities. It is a defining feature of how Cruise enters and operates in our markets. 

Throughout 2022, Cruise remained steadfast in our efforts to engage with the communities we serve, and driving impact through our initiatives like Cruise for Good - our dedicated social impact program to support the local communities we serve, wherever we go: 

  • 150+ community-based organizations engaged across SF, Arizona, Austin, and Washington, D.C.

  • 350,000 meals delivered through Cruise for Good, 2.3M since April 2020 

  • 24,000+ deliveries on behalf of Cruise for Good partners

As Cruise expands and scales operating areas and hours across markets, we will continue to emphasize outreach to communities of color, non-English-speaking groups, low-income, and under-resourced neighborhoods, while maintaining flagship initiatives like Cruise for Good.

But there is still work to do. Cruise’s service today offers an exciting glimpse of what the benefits of shared, electric, self-driving mobility could be for our cities at scale. As Cruise expands its driverless service in San Francisco, Austin, Phoenix, and beyond, we are excited to build trust with the communities we serve and deliver on the promise of shared electric autonomy.

Access the Cruise 2022 Impact Report and 2022 Impact Executive Summary to learn more.