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Cruise for Good: Providing free rides to late-night service workers

At the core of Cruise for Good is the commitment to share our driverless fleet directly with the communities we serve. We’re unique among AV companies in having pledged a portion of our growing fleet to help meet community needs. As we expand, so does our impact.

It all started with delivery: at the height of the pandemic, food insecurity skyrocketed, and we used our fleet to deliver 2.3 million meals (and counting), to San Franciscans in need, in partnership with San Francisco-Marin Food Bank and SF New Deal.

Now, ridehail will also be part of Cruise for Good.

Today, we’re excited to announce a pilot program providing free rides for late-night service and hospitality workers in San Francisco – a community that fueled our city throughout the pandemic, and even prepared many of the meals delivered to people in need during that time.

While night shift work is often the backbone of our cities and communities, transportation options at off-peak hours are sparse, often leaving late-night workers with few safe or affordable ways to get to and from work. In partnership with SF New Deal for this pilot, our aim is to leverage the strengths of our nighttime driverless service to help meet this need in the community.

“We’re excited to partner with Cruise in this pilot as we seek to learn more about the need for transportation resources, in pursuit of lasting solutions. This pilot will enable us to advance our mission to strengthen neighborhoods by making it easier for under resourced small businesses to succeed.” - Simon Bertrang, Executive Director, SF New Deal

As with everything we do, we’re starting small, gaining learnings along the way, and expanding methodically. This program is just the beginning, and rider and partner feedback will inform how we scale this new way to share our fleet with communities.

Read on to learn more about Cruise for Good and the impact we're making everyday: