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Keeping our ridehail platform safe

At Cruise, we are obsessed with safety. We have designed a state-of-the-art autonomous vehicle (AV) to safely navigate our shared roads, and built a driverless ridehail service that revolves around rider safety. Here are several safeguards we’ve implemented as outlined in our Passenger Safety Plan to help keep our riders safe.

Empowering our Riders

Our driverless ridehail service empowers Cruise riders with the tools and communication channels you need to feel safe throughout your ride. Cruise is ready to support you at all times.

If you ever have a question or concern about our driverless service, you can always contact Cruise support before, during, and after your ride:

  • For non-urgent situations, such as cleanliness issues before a ride, or lost belongings after a ride, you can reach out using the Cruise App.

  • For immediate and live support during an active ride, you can initiate a call by pressing the physical HELP button in the car or using the Cruise App. 

  • Passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing can contact Customer Support through the mobile app, which will provide immediate live chat support.

You can also modify your pick-up and drop-off locations:

  • Before and during the ride, you can change your pick-up or drop-off location using the Cruise App.

  • During the ride, you can request the AV to pull over and end the ride early using the Cruise App or physical END RIDE button.

Finally, for added peace-of-mind, you can use the Cruise app to share your ride with your loved ones so they know where you are and that you’ve safely arrived at your destination. 

Remember, help is just a tap away.

Supporting our Riders

In addition to these tools, our automated calls, notifications, and live support staff make sure you receive the help you need throughout your driverless ride. 

We keep you updated on events taking place in or around the AV through notifications on the in-vehicle screens or in the Cruise App, such as:

  • Your driverless ride is ready to start.

  • A remote advisor is actively assisting the AV.

  • There is a pause or delay to the ride, and customer service will reach out to provide support.

  • Your driverless ride has resumed, and will continue to your destination.

  • Watch out for bikes and cars on your way out of the AV. 

Cruise support staff are also available to support our Cruise riders 24/7.

In most situations, Customer Support will be your first point of contact. Our specialists are trained to assist you in any situation you may encounter throughout your driverless ridehail service, including: 

  • Assisting you with account set-up and registration

  • Assisting you during the ride

  • Receiving feedback

  • Connecting you with additional support staff as necessary

If you don’t exit your ride at your drop-off location (for example, if you’ve fallen asleep), the AV automatically connects to Cruise customer support to let you know that your ride has come to an end. If they don’t receive a response, Customer Support has the ability to access live video of the inside of the car. The agent will announce that they are accessing the stream to inform all riders that they are able to view the cabin. This tool allows agents to act quickly to engage emergency services if needed. 

Our trained emergency service providers can be added onto any call by Customer Support to address any potential safety or medical emergencies. In the event of a collision detection, the AV automatically connects to Customer Support and emergency service providers as needed. The emergency service providers may ask questions to collect information about the event or your condition, can provide emergency medical instructions, and will help dispatch emergency services as necessary. 

Our support staff are always available to help you feel comfortable and supported at every step of your driverless experience. 

Building Trust and Safety for our driverless ridehail service

At Cruise, we have a Trust and Safety (T&S) team that works tirelessly to ensure the safety of our riders. The T&S team’s purpose is to uphold the Cruise Community Rules, respond to unsafe rider behavior, ensure rider safety during public interactions, including unexpected ones, and promote a ridehail service that is respectful of local communities.

The T&S team understands the importance of setting clear expectations for the responsible use of our driverless ridehail service. Our service supports a broad community of riders, and it’s crucial that each Cruise rider contributes to keeping our ridehail service safe, comfortable, and welcoming for everyone.

When you join the Cruise ridehail service, you agree to follow the Ridehail Terms and Community Rules as part of the Cruise Terms of Service, which you can always access through the Cruise mobile app. 

These rules are designed to prioritize rider safety and provide clarity on what riders can and cannot do while using the platform. For example:

  • Stay safe: Securely store your belongings, and wear your seat belts at all times during the ride. 

  • Keep others safe: Keep an eye out for other road users as you enter and exit our Cruise AV, and do not bring illegal substances or hazardous materials into our vehicles. 

  • Cooperate with staff: Cooperate with our support staff and any first responders providing assistance.

To foster a positive rider environment, the T&S team investigates rider behaviors that may pose a risk to rider safety, such as any intentional policy violations or inappropriate conduct. These behaviors are thoroughly investigated, and riders found in violation risk losing access to the platform.

If a rider reports a safety incident following their trip, the T&S team can review the recording of the trip as part of their investigation of the report, and will take reactive or preventative actions as needed to drive the issue to resolution and ensure that platform users are safe. Cruise takes rider privacy seriously and only uses video for safety, security, operations, and customer support purposes.

Gaining insight into how riders use our platform is key to making service and product enhancements, as well as improving rider communications.Through monitoring of rider safety data, and the continuous improvement of our policies, education, enforcement, and service features, the T&S team strives to make the Cruise ridehail service a safe and reassuring experience for all Cruise riders.

We encourage each of our Cruise riders to treat those around them, our support staff, and our AVs with respect so that everyone has the chance to enjoy the Cruise driverless experience.

Let Us Know How We Can Improve!

At Cruise, feedback is a gift. Your feedback directly informs how we make our product better for you and your fellow Cruise riders.

You can reach out with your feedback through our Cruise Contact Us page, and at any time during your Cruise ridehail experience using the Cruise App.