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05.04.2023 | Software release

The latest software release has rolled out to the driverless fleet, containing improvements in these areas:

  • Shipped TSEL v15.2 with multiple improvements:

    • Improved driving behavior by 20% for higher speed roads, particularly during right turns and in intersections, yielding and asserting smoothly at speed.

    • Improved driving around double parked vehicles by 12.5% and turns onto arterial roads by 22%.

    • Increased reliability when pulling out of traffic and back into traffic to pick up and drop off riders.

    • Improved overall steering comfort by 5%.

  • Shipped DLA v4, and KSE v14 which combined with LPC v7 further refines the detection and tracking of debris and animals by up to 50%, enabling the AV to more safely and smoothly drive around these objects.

  • Shipped TREX v3 to improve lateral positioning by ~2X*, making AV driving more human-like.

  • Further reduced trip interruptions through improved software stability, fault tolerance and additional fault recovery capabilities.

Software release May 4 2023

Statistics measuring the percentage of improvement are based on internal benchmarks and metrics.