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Who is Cruise?

What's it like?

Part magic, part mundane. Experience why driverless feels like a new take on a familiar ride.

Poppy's expecting company...

Name Poppy's Pals!

Did you know that each and every Cruise all-electric, self-driving vehicle has a unique name? You might have already met Poppy (@PoppytheAV), and we have more self-driving vehicles coming to San Francisco. This is where we need your help!You can submit an amazing name for a new Cruise self-driving vehicle. Enter your suggestion in the form below.


  • Names should be delightful and fun.

  • Names can be 1-2 words.

  • Must be no longer than 13 characters.

  • No profane or vulgar language. (Poppy would never.)

Rider review

Safe, smooth, comfortable

Cassidy B.

"Took a ride in the future last night. My first driverless ride from Cruise! Felt safe, smooth and comfortable! Each car navigated some tricky [human-induced] traffic situations flawlessly. 💪🏾"

Building Webviz

Learn how our data visualization tool shaped the future of autonomous driving.

Why Cruise supports the Muni Reliability and Street Safety Bond

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