Introducing the Cruise Origin. Self-Driven. All-Electric. Shared.

Because the Origin drives itself, it will be available day or night, whenever you need it.

An experience unlike anything today

When you remove a steering wheel, a rearview mirror, pedals, and more, you get something new — an experience purely designed around the rider. That means a spacious cabin and an on-demand, consistent experience where you can relax, work, or connect.

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Superhuman performance

Everyone is invited

We are committed to improving life in our cities. That’s why we’re designing the Origin to be an affordable, comfortable, and scalable solution. With the Origin’s ability to drive day and night and last for more than a million miles, we’ll be able to cut up to $5,000 in transportation costs per San Francisco household, per year.

See what's beyond the car

All on-road images of the Origin are renderings.