Cruise Community Rules

Last Revised: June 22, 2022

Cruise offers all-electric, autonomous vehicle ridehail and other Services to the communities where we operate. Cruise is committed to providing Services that contribute to our mission of building a safer, cleaner, and more accessible community. Therefore, we need passengers to do their part to contribute to a safe, comfortable, and welcoming experience for everyone. Please review the below Community Rules, which we believe will enable the best experience for everyone. If you bring Passengers with you, please make sure they know about these Community Rules, and keep in mind that you will be responsible for your Passengers following these Community Rules. 

Please be safe.

We want everyone using our Services to put safety first—for themselves and for others. As a member of the Cruise community, you will:

  • Wear a seat belt.

  • Cooperate with first responders.

  • Cooperate with our helpful advisors that you can contact via the help button, Cruise Mobile App, or other AV interface. They’re all there to help, so please let them.

  • Not load the AV beyond the stated passenger limit, stated weight limit, or container size of the AV (i.e., the incremental weight in the AV may not exceed the weight limit specified in or on the vehicle).

  • Only bring items into the AV that can be safely and securely stowed during operation of the AV.

  • Not bring guest passengers under the age of 18 unless Cruise has in writing expressly authorized such guests to accompany me.

  • If expressly authorized to travel with children in our AVs, bring and use the appropriate child safety restraint in the correct manner.

  • Not bring illegal substances, hazardous materials, highly flammable materials, or any kind of weapon into the AV.

  • Safely enter and exit our AVs—watch out for other passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users.

  • Use your best judgment when using the Services - you will not engage in any activity that may lead to injury to yourself or others.

  • Take appropriate measures, up to and including not using the Services, if you have any illness that may be transmitted through your use of the AV, or you are experiencing any symptoms consistent with such illness.

  • Comply with any requirements, instructions, policies or notices provided in the AV or the Cruise Mobile App.

Please be respectful.

We are all in this together, so please treat others and our AVs with care and respect. With that in mind, you will:

  • Treat everyone you encounter while using our Services with respect.

  • Respect personal differences; treat the property of others with due care; and respect the privacy of others.

  • Take the comfort of others into account—keep volumes to a reasonable level; and don’t do anything in the AV that would potentially make others uncomfortable. 

  • Not engage in activities that are threatening, confrontational, discriminatory, harassing, disrespectful, offensive, or inappropriate toward others. 

  • Do your part to keep the AV clean—do not smoke or vape in the AV; please be responsible when eating or drinking; and please take all of your items with you when you exit the AV (including garbage). Keep in mind that you’re responsible for the cost of cleaning the AV if you leave it dirty.

  • Respect the AV—please do not engage in any activities that may damage the AV. Keep in mind that you’re responsible for the cost of repairs or damage you cause.

  • Comply with applicable Cruise Policies.

How Cruise uses these Rules.

Cruise views these Community Rules as a reflection of the Services we are excited to build for our customers. If you or your passengers feel that these Community Rules are not right for you, we ask that you not use our Services. If you do choose to use our Services, you and your Passengers will comply with all applicable laws, these Community Rules, the Cruise Terms of Service, and any other applicable terms and conditions applicable to the Services you use or interact with, including, but not limited to the Cruise Ridehail Terms. For more information, visit the Legal Disclosures webpage. If you, your passengers, or anyone using your Account fail to comply, we may suspend or terminate your Account and your ability to access and use our Services immediately and without further notice. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Community Rules or the Services, please contact Cruise Customer Service via the Cruise Mobile App or by email at