Cruise Payments Policy

Last Revised: June 7, 2022

Payment Methods. You can pay for rides in the Cruise app by selecting your preferred payment method from the accepted payment methods that you have added to your account profile before requesting a ride. You can add and delete payment methods in the “Payments” section of the app.

Accepted Payment Methods. Cruise accepts major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners, China UnionPay, JCB). 

Credit Card Authorizations. Cruise may submit temporary authorizations on your selected payment method to verify the payment method is valid when you upload or update a payment method, to ensure the ride cost will be covered when you request a ride or modify your destination, and to protect against unauthorized behavior. The temporary authorization is not a charge, however, it may reduce your available credit by the authorization amount for up to 7 business days after the authorization is released by Cruise. Cruise will release the temporary authorization immediately after your payment method has been successfully charged. 

Statement Descriptor. After your payment method is successfully charged for a ride, the description of the charge on your payment method statement will read: GETCRUISE.COM SAN FRANCISCO CA.

Third-Party Payment Processor. All charges are facilitated through a third-party payment processor (e.g., Stripe, Inc.). Cruise may replace its third-party payment processor without notice to you. Charges shall only be made through the Cruise mobile app. Your payment of charges to Cruise satisfies your payment obligation for your use of the Cruise Ride-Hail Services. 

Payment History. Your Cruise account includes a history of all of your completed rides. To access this history, open the Cruise app menu and tap “Trips.” Tap on the desired trip and then tap “Cost (i)” to view the “Cost breakdown.” 

Receipts. Cruise will send a receipt to your email on file within 24 hours after the conclusion of each ride.