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09.04.23 | Software release

The latest software release has rolled out to the driverless fleet, containing improvements in these areas:

  • Shipped multiple improvements as part of TSEL v21:

  • Increased politeness around pedestrians by giving them more space

  • Further increased politeness around cyclists when overtaking

  • Improved braking smoothness when stopping at red lights

  • Improved comfort during lane changes with vehicles in adjacent lanes

  • Opened up more driving lanes in SF and reduced walking distance at pick-up and drop-off by 15%.

  • Shipped LPC v13 that further expands  the AV's ability to handle steep roads.

  • Shipped TREX v6 which reduces temporary trip interruptions through enhanced advisor capabilities in dense traffic. Also improves turns and lane changes resulting in smoother driving.

  • Increased precaution toward emergency vehicles.

  • Improved navigation around small debris, leading to smoother handling.

  • Improved detection and response to large pot holes.

  • Expanded ability to resolve trip interruptions. 

  • Improved ability to reroute and avoid blockages, reducing unnecessary trip interruptions. 

  • Improved stopping smoothness for certain diagnostic warnings. 

  • Expanded automation within our launch facilities to utilize even more parking stalls.

Statistics measuring the percentage of improvement are based on internal benchmarks and metrics.