Transforming transportation, without shortcuts

Saving lives is at the heart of our engineering challenge.

Making streets safer
Poster image for Sharing the Road:  Cruise Cyclists Make Self-Driving Safer

Sharing the Road: Cruise Cyclists Make Self-Driving Safer

Learn how Cruisers’ experiences as avid urban cyclists inform their work to improve how Cruise self-driving vehicles share the road.

All seeing

40+ sensors give Cruise AVs a 360° view to see far and wide, and can map the location of surrounding objects within centimeters.

Smart thinking

Cruise AVs evaluate and negotiate the complex movements of the busiest city streets with efficiency and without distraction.

Fast acting

Cruise AVs detect, predict, and respond to the movement of people, animals, and objects faster than any human brain.

Always learning

Cruise AVs learn and improve with every mile they drive—more than 2m on the hectic streets of San Francisco (and counting).

after image
before image
  • See - Matrix LiDAR
  • Think - Webviz
  • Act - KR
  • Start button
  • Vehicle Number
  • Screens
  • Trunk

An experience unlike anything today

When you remove a steering wheel, pedals, a rearview mirror, and more, you get something new — an experience purely designed around the rider. That means a spacious cabin and an on-demand, consistent experience where you can relax, work, or connect.

With doors close to the ground and 3 times larger than the average car door, riders can easily enter and exit.
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See what's beyond the car