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April 2023 Release Notes

The latest software release has rolled out to the driverless fleet, containing improvements in these areas:

Improved core driving behavior 

  • Shipped DLA v3 & KSE VRU v13 which improves tracking of bikes by up to 30%, allowing the AV to behave and respond more safely around these vehicles on higher speed roads

  • Shipped PSeg v5.1.5 that improves tracking by up to 25% for several classes of less common objects, such as animals and small debris in the road.

  • Shipped STA-V v24 that improves prediction of incoming cross traffic vehicles in the right lane when the AV is taking a right turn on major roads with splitting lanes by 15%

  • Shipped Vehicle MTL v3 which improves vehicle open door detections by 49%.

  • Shipped improvements to our ability to predict trajectories for articulated vehicles improving behavior around these vehicles by 20-30%.

  • Further increased safety on higher speed roads and low friction surfaces by giving the AV more lateral maneuverability to make evasive maneuvers when needed.

  • Shipped TREX V2 which improves the positioning of the AV when preparing to go around a double-parked vehicle and improves braking smoothness when traveling at higher speeds.

  • Improved AV performance and reliability when operating at very low speeds.

  • We improved the AV's ability to maintain lane positioning and speed at lane merges and forks when traveling at higher speeds.

Improved reliability

  • Shipped TSEL v13 and v14 which improved maneuver completion around double parked vehicles on the road by 50%; including situations encountered during challenging high traffic day time environments.

  • Improved remote assistance reroute capabilities to support higher speed roads and better handle unexpected road closures.

  • Increased overall AV stability through bug fixes and improved fault tolerance.

Improved rider experience

  • Improved overall trip time in 12% of trips through improved routing and lane changes. 

  • Added audio chime to remote door close scenario for better rider experience.

  • Improved feedback workflow post ride.

Statistics measuring the percentage of improvement are based on internal benchmarks and metrics.

Safely passing cyclists