Join the Driverless Revolution

Meet The Cruise RP-1

The RP-1 is a highway autopilot. It controls your steering, throttle, and braking, making sure your car remains safely in its lane and a safe distance from the car in front of you.


Your Personal Chauffeur

Keep your car. Just let it drive you. Cruise works with your existing vehicle to enhance your driving.


Precision steering

Motors mounted near the steering column make gentle corrections to keep you in your lane.

Advanced car and lane tracking

The RP-1's sensors monitor the lane markers and the vehicles around you to keep you safe.

Adaptive speed control

RADAR tracking of nearby vehicles ensures a safe following distance.

Collision avoidance

Your vehicle will automatically slow down, or even stop completely if you encounter traffic or a stopped vehicle.

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Listen to your car. App Included.

Every installation comes with access to our app which shows you everything your RP-1 sees. Monitor your surroundings, speed and keep track of the lane markers all from within your phone.

Experience the RP-1

We are no longer taking pre-orders for our first 2015 units. Sign up on our waitlist to join the driverless revolution.