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Cameras inside the car for safety and support

Here’s what we do with recordings and live video.
Camera Internal
Recording video only. No audio unless you’re on a support call.

We record video inside of the car for added safety and support. If something happened during your ride, we might review the recording to better understand what happened. We only record audio during active support calls. For more on that, see below.

How we use recordings

We only use video of your ride for customer support, safety reasons, vehicle maintenance, security, operations, or if legally required. For example, we might review a recording if there’s a collision, missing item, or a cleanliness or safety issue.

How long we keep recordings

We ordinarily store video recordings of the inside of the car for short periods of time. But we may keep a recording for as long as needed to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, enforce agreements, and as otherwise described in the Cruise Privacy Policy.

Protecting your privacy

There are very limited circumstances when we share recordings of rides with third parties such as government authorities. For more details, see the Disclosure of Your Information section of the Cruise Privacy Policy.

Live video and audio recording during support calls

To help resolve issues, a support specialist can access live video of inside the car during a support call. And during all support calls, we’ll record audio from inside the car until the call ends. This is the only time we record audio.

Camera locations

There are three wide-angle cameras mounted on the ceiling inside the car.

Camera External
What the cameras show

Cameras show what is happening in the rear and front seats.

interior cameras

For more details, review the Cruise Privacy Policy.