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Deaf/hard-of-hearing help

If you experience an issue on your trip, we can communicate by real-time texting (RTT) instead of a voice call. Here’s what to expect:

D:hoh help gif 1

1. Tap the HELP button in the car or the app 2. Answer your phone when we call
 3. Tap RTT on your phone to begin texting

What is real-time texting?

RTT uses a cellular connection to facilitate live texting between phones. As the sender types, each character appears in real time on the receiver’s phone.

Turn it on

In your Accessibility settings, turn on the option for Deaf/hard-of-hearing help.

Accessibility setting screen
Get help

Help is always available during your trip. If you have an issue, tap the square HELP button on the ceiling in the car. Or, select Get help in the app.

Get help
Answer the phone

RTT conversations start with a phone call. Answer when Cruise Support calls. Then select the RTT button to start texting with a support specialist.