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Experience our vehicles firsthand, and in some teams, work directly on them.

Business Rideshare

“I am helping develop Cruise's go to market strategy, focusing on commercializing Cruise's AVs across different verticals and markets.” - Juan Pablo Villasenor Tello de Menese…


“I’ve been working on community engagement with the Marketing team. People already see our vehicles driving around in San Francisco, but don’t necessarily know what we’re doin…

Localization & Mapping

“This summer I've had the chance to work on a variety of tasks for my team, ranging from frontend enhancements to new queries on the backend. My internship culminated with a f…

Core Infrastructure

“I am working on an automated service to track incidents in our systems. I am part of a small team, helping with all components of our server. Some weeks I work on the back-en…

Product Engineering

“This summer I worked on a project with my team to increase the availability of tests that use existing road data before new changes to the car’s code are run on the road. Thi…


“I work on perception, which is in charge of making sense of what the vehicle sees. One big problem I deal with is distinguishing when a vehicle on the side of the road is par…

Fleet Reliability

“I’m an intern on the fleet reliability team, so my job is to diagnose whatever problems the autonomous vehicles report, find the root cause, and implement a solution. I hook…

Site Reliability

"I'm working on a Slack bot that will periodically notify teams of Stackdriver errors relevant to their projects. It's cool to know the project I worked on this summer will re…

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