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1. Opt-in to self-driving delivery

You’ll get a text message from Cruise if your Walmart order qualifies for self-driving delivery. Reply “Y” to try it out.

Walmart Delivery Step 1 - Optin

2. Track your order

Once a Cruise car picks up your order and is on the way, we’ll text you a link to track its progress.

Walmart Delivery Step 2 - Track
Walmart Delivery Step 3 - GrabYourOrder

Get notified

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Who is Cruise?

Cruise is a company building the world’s most advanced all-electric self-driving vehicles to safely connect people with the places, things, and experiences they care about. You can learn more about Cruise at

How can I opt-in to have my Walmart order delivered by a Cruise self-driving car?

If your order qualifies for self-driving delivery, you will get a text message from Cruise giving you the option to opt-in. If you opt-in, you will receive instructions on how to unlock the car. You will need to retrieve all items in your order from the car and close the door.

Why are there people in the car if it's self-driving?

During this initial phase of our delivery pilot, Cruise’s Autonomous Vehicle Test Operators (AVTOs) may be in the car to ensure driving safety and provide feedback on the car's performance. AVTOs are trained human drivers who monitor the operation of the autonomous driving system.

If my order is large, can I make multiple trips to retrieve it?

Yes. Feel free to take your time to retrieve your order. You can leave the door open or close it in between trips.

Can I track my delivery with Cruise?

Yes, once your order is on the way, Cruise will text you with a tracking link.

How are Cruise and Walmart working together?

Walmart has teamed up with Cruise to pilot all-electric, self-driving deliveries in Arizona.

What are the requirements for an order to qualify for self-driving delivery?

Qualifying orders have to be scheduled for delivery Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The delivery address must fall within Cruise’s operational domain, and a self-driving car must be available to deliver your order. You must be able to come to your curb to pick up your order.

Can the AVTOs help me bring the groceries inside?

Unfortunately, the AVTOs cannot assist you. They are in the car to ensure driving safety and provide feedback on the vehicle's performance.

Do I have to tip?

Cruise self-driving cars don't need a tip. If you leave a tip on the Walmart website or app, you won't be charged for the tip amount.